Marco Brianza

N° 2 Dominiiklaste Klausuur – Refektoorium
Dominican Claustrum – Refectory



1000 Memories of Light explores the variations of a candle light in time, showing the change in space. The light characteristic of the candle is photographed using a color sensor that acts as a 1 pixel camera. The recorded image is reproduced using an RGB LED. Each time there is a new image, the previous image is shifted up in the LED strip of 1000 pixels. The last 1000 variations of light are in such way memorised and visible at the same time in the different LED pixels distributed in space. This sensitive appropriation of the space of the monastery’s refectorium combines and connects two very distant sources of Light: the candle, almost a relic enters a dialogue with state-of-the-art LEDs.


N° 4 Dominiiklaste Klausuur – Ida ristikäik
Dominican Claustrum – Eastern cloister

VALGUSE SÜMPAATIA (2010) (Projektist “Balti valguskett”)
LIGHT SYMPATHY (2010) (From project “Baltic light chain”)


Installatsioon loob ühenduse kaasaegse LED-tehnoloogia valguse ja tehisvalguse algusaegadest pärit tule vahel. Vana-Rooma õlilamp põletab oliivõli. Kaamera salvestab leegi virvenduse. Arvuti dekodeerib leegi iseloomu ning LED-tehnoloogiaga vahendatakse see reaalajas võimendatult vaatajani. Nii luuakse sympatheia (kr. k. afiinsus, vastastikune sõltuvus) – ühine tundmus ja vibreerimine mineviku ja oleviku valguse vahel. Ruumis on minevikutundest laetud jõuline valgus.

The installation creates a link between the light of the latest lighting LED technologies, and the one of fire used at the dawn of the artificial light. An ancient Roman oil lamp burns olive oil, camera captures the flickering of the flame, computer decodes the personality of this light and a matrix of LEDs reproduces it in real-time, amplified. What is created is sympatheia (feeling – and vibrating – together) between the light of the past and the one of the present: the space is filled with a powerful light with an ancient feeling


N° 14 Katoliku kiriku värav
The Gate of New Church

SELF MAPPING (2012/2015)


Teos näitab hoone pinnal loomuliku valgusega päeva jooksul toimuvaid muutusi. Kaamera pildistab hoone pinda päikesetõusust loojanguni. Kaadrid pannakse kokku aeglustatud kaadritega filmiks, mida näidatakse üks ühele suuruses hoone peal. Päevavalguses tavaliselt hoomamatud värvid, kõrgpunktid ja varjud saavad nüüd vaataja jaoks nähtavaks.
Töö teostus sõltub ilmastikutingimustest.

Self mapping shows the natural light changes happening on a building surface during the day. A camera photographs the building surface from dawn till the sunset, the images are then composed in a time-lapse movie that is projected in a 1:1 scale on the building. The normally imperceptible day-light changes of color, highlights and shadows are in this way evident to the spectator.
The work will not be exhibited due to weather conditions.


In addition to the programme
Katarina Käik
St Catherine’s passage

Flash Back (2012/2015)


Flash back is a software generated video projection that produces light in the urban space creating a dynamic environment. The colours of light are based on painting of 1463 conserved in Tallinn. In this experiment the contemporary spectator, through light, is taken back to another time. Video projection, generated realtime for and unlimited time, variable dimensions.